A Vaccine’s UNCERTAINTIES Divulged And It’s Not Healthfully Reassuring

By Catherine J. Frompovich

How ironic, but non-other than The New York Times reported the unfortunate health complications from Sanofi’s dengue fever vaccine Dengvaxia® that have occurred in children vaccinated with it in the Philippines, a nation-state which experiences various serotypes of dengue, of which there are four transmitted by mosquitoes.

The dramatic aspect of the Dengvaxia problem is that Sanofi probably was remiss when it did not define what Sanofi warned of as “severe disease.” That’s something ALL vaccines probably have in common, i.e., vaccine administrators are not fully informed about the unreported and/or excluded adverse effects all vaccines can produce or have produced in trials, so they do not inform prospective vaccinees about them, something which should be considered “medical malpractice” on the part of both vaccine manufacturers and all down the line of those administering and mandating vaccines.

Philippine Senator Nancy Binay has called on Sanofi to explain

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