A Quest for Meaning

By Dr. Mercola

The film, “A Quest for Meaning” — created by Kamea Meah Films, the same film company responsible for “Symphony of the Soil” — follows two childhood friends as they travel the globe in search for the meaning of life. Questions about the collective beliefs that have shaped Western civilization are investigated, as are the changes in consciousness we now see as more and more people are becoming inspired to live more in harmony with themselves, each other, and the natural world.

Where do we, as humans, belong, if we’re not part of the natural world? And if we’re part of the natural world, how can we survive its destruction?

The American Dream Needs an Overhaul

Marc, a bottled water salesman in New York City, was living the American dream. His job — convincing Americans that bottled water was a worthy luxury — paid well; he

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