A Novel Therapeutic Strategy For Metabolic Management of Cancer – Thomas Seyfried (June 2018)

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“A Novel Therapeutic Strategy For The Metabolic Management Of Cancer” is the subject of the presentation by Thomas Seyfried, PhD at the June 21, 2018 meeting of the Silicon Valley Health Institute.

Dr. Seyfried will discuss his latest research in treating and preventing cancer. In addition to his research on the ketogenic diet, he adds a new component which adds drugs and procedures that create both chronic and intermittent acute stress on tumor cell energy metabolism, while protecting and enhancing the energy metabolism of normal cells. He calls this the “press- pulse” therapeutic strategy for cancer management is an approach which includes the calorie restricted ketogenic diets used together with drugs and procedures.
A shift from respiration to fermentation is a common metabolic hallmark of cancer cells. As a result, glucose and glutamine become the prime fuels for driving the dysregulated growth of tumors. Press disturbances produce chronic stress, while pulse disturbances produce acute stress on populations. It was only when both disturbances coincide that population reduction occurred.

This general concept can be applied to the management of cancer by creating chronic metabolic stresses on tumor cell energy metabolism (press disturbance) that are coupled to a series of acute metabolic stressors that restrict glucose and glutamine availability while also stimulating cancer-speci c oxidative stress (pulse disturbances). e elevation of non- fermentable ketone bodies protect normal cells from energy stress while further enhancing energy stress in tumor cells that lack the metabolic exibility to use ketones as an e cient energy source. Mitochondrial abnormalities and genetic mutations make tumor cells vulnerable metabolic stress.

Optimization of dosing, timing, and scheduling of the press-pulse therapeutic strategy will facilitate the eradication of tumor cells with minimal patient toxicity. is therapeutic strategy can be used as a framework for the design of clinical trials for the non-toxic management of most cancers.

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