8 Reasons Retirees Are Going Back to Work

To Americans, “65” has always been a magic number. It’s the age one can expect to retire from work to live off Social Security and a pension while playing golf, starting a garden and traveling somewhere nice each year.But for a growing number of Americans, retirement is just a temporary blip on their resumes. A vacation of sorts in between jobs. More and more people, it turns out, are going back to work after retiring from their careers.Why Retirees Are Going Back to WorkIn one survey by the Rand Corporation, a whopping 39% of workers age 65 and older who were currently employed said they had previously retired at some point. They join a growing number of boomers who are spending their golden years in the workplace. According to Bloomberg,  32% of Americans 65 to 69 and 19% of those ages 70-74 are still employed.This leads one to wonder: why are

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