7 Tips to Choose and Get the Most out of a CSA

Become a CSA Member: Invest in Local Farms, Reap Delicious Rewards

With the New Year already in motion, we are quickly approaching the season of plentiful fruits and vegetables. It won’t be long until we are enjoying a bounty of fresh cut greens, spicy arugula, spring onions, strawberries and, soon enough, juicy tomatoes and buttery potatoes! So how can you ensure these goodies make it to your table? You can join a local CSA — Community Supported Agriculture!

What it Means for the Farm

Photo: Owls Nest Farm

When signing up for a CSA share, a customer becomes a direct investor in their farm of choice. At the beginning of the farm season, people pay up front for a share that will typically last the entire growing season (though some farms offer extended CSA’s that start early and end late.) By paying up front, customers are

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