6 Tricks To Finally Get A Good Night Sleep

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6 tricks to finally get a good night sleep

It’s already middle of the night and you’re lying in your bed wide-awake. You got a big day tomorrow and you desperately wanted to get some sleep, you have already drunk a warm drink and counted all your sheep’s, but no sleep! Now what? You are not the only person to counter this situation. It is estimated more than 80% people suffer from a sleeping disorder. Lack of sleep can lead to Insomnia, impact on your brain power, increases stress levels and affect your overall health.

But there are simple tricks which you can adapt to get a good night sleep.

# 6
Keep your phone in another room.
Staring at your electronic devices can disrupt your sleep. Use a device which does not emit blue light as light disturbed the production of a hormone called melatonin which regulates your sleep pattern. So stay away from your devices at least one hour before going to bed.

Write Things Down
Worrying about past or planning for future, an overactive mind is the biggest culprit that cause insomnia. You can ease you overactive mind by writing things down on paper, keeping a journal can put a hold on your train of thoughts and you can finally get some sleep.

Fearing about your next day can keep you up all night long, one of the best trick to calm your mind, body, and breath is meditation. Meditation can fix your sleep problem quickly. With only 10 minutes of meditation, you can put a positive impact on your mind and body, and get a better night sleep.

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