6 Signs of Liver Problems Hidden On Your Feet

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We already talked on our channel about how important the liver is to our body and you probably already know all of that.

But paying attention to our health can never be enough, right? 

That’s why in today’s video, we will show you 6 signs that your feet show that are related to the liver, an important organ in our bodies.

Are you curious? 

The liver works as a kind of filter, helping the body eliminate fat and the toxins responsible for increasing inflammation and causing diseases.

Abdominal pain on your right side and a bloated stomach are some of the most common symptoms of liver issues.

But what causes issues in the liver?

Excess of fat and alcohol, abuse of medications, and lack of physical activities are the most common causes of liver issues.

See other symptoms that can show in your feet and that may be related to your liver:

Itching feet 
Edema or swollen legs
Red dots on feet and/or legs 
Capillary vessels (known as spider veins) on feet or legs 
Hot feet 

Besides these signals, yellow eyes and dark urine with a strong smell can also signal that your liver isn’t working well.

So, do you have one of these symptoms?

If you suffer from any of these issues, go to a hepatologist to do the necessary tests and identify the cause of your problems.


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