6 Proofs You Can Increase Your Brain Power!

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6 Proofs You Can Increase Your Brain Power!

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6 Proofs You Can Increase Your Brain Power

No Matter How Smart You Are Or How Much Education You Have Had, You Can Still Improve And Expand Your Mind. Boosting Your Mental Faculties Does Not Have To Mean Studying Hard Or Becoming A Lonely Worm. There Are Many Tricks, Techniques And Habits, As Well As Changes In Your Lifestyle, Diet And Behavior That Can Help You Flex Your Gray Matter And Make The Most Of Your Brain Cells.

1. Keep Your Brain Young
What Is Good For Your Body Is Good For Your Brain. That Means Eating A Balanced Diet With Lots Of Fruits And Vegetables And Not A Lot Of Sugar, Saturated Fat Or Alcohol, As Well As Getting Enough Exercise And Sleeping Approximately Eight Hours A Night. But Evidence Is Accumulating That A Host Of Other Activities Can Help Keep Our Brains Young As We Move Into Chronological Age. There Is Not A Single Magical Activity That You Must Take On, But Trying Some Of The Following Will Help.

2. Learn A Foreign Language
Being Bilingual Can Help Delay The Onset Of Dementia. People Who Spoke Two Languages ​​Developed Dementia An Average Of Four And A Half Years Later Than People Who Spoke Only One Language. Other Research Shows That People Who Speak More Than One Language Are Better At Multitasking And Paying Attention.

3. Play Chess
Playing Chess, Bingo, Checkers And Card Games Can Help Keep The Brain In Shape. A French Study Found A 15% Lower Risk Of Dementia Among People Who Played Table Games Than Among Those Who Did Not. And The Effects Seemed To Last During The 20 Years Of Follow-Up Of The Study. “The Idea Is That This Helps Build A Cognitive Reserve.

4. Write About Your Stress
In One Study, College Students Who Wrote About Stressful Experiences For 20 Minutes Three Days In A Row Improved Their Work Memories And Their Grade Point Averages. Students Who Wrote About Neutral Events Did Not See Such Improvements. “We Presume That Stress Causes Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts, Writing Eliminates Intrusive Thoughts And Working Memory Increases, If Something Bothers You, Do Not Bottle It Up.

5. Find Your Purpose
People Who Feel They Have Found Their Purpose In Life Have Lower Rates Of Depression And Tend To Live Longer. Studies Also Show That This Positive Perspective Also Benefits The Brain. In One Study, Those Who Reported Having A Strong Purpose In Life Were More Than Twice As Likely To Remain Without Alzheimer’s Than People Who Did Not Profess A Purpose. Focus On The Positive Impact You Have At Home Or At Work To Develop A Sense Of Purpose. You Can Also Try Volunteering For A Cause That Is Meaningful To You.

6. Be Social
Spending A Lot Of Time With Friends And Family, Especially As You Get Older, Can Be One Of The Best Buffers Against Mental Deterioration. In One Study, People Who Participated In Social Activities More Frequently And Who Felt They Had Broad Social Support Did Better In Various Measures Of Memory, As Well As In The Speed Of Mental Processing.

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