6 Bad Habits That Are Secretly Making You Fat!

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6 bad habits That Are Secretly Making You Fat!

Do you know about 30% of men and women are obese or overweight in the US? Without knowing our bad habits are secretly making us fat. Nobody’s perfect. We all have our weaknesses like eating endless chips while watching a movie or eating a frozen pizza in the middle of the night. If you are one of them than hold on as we are going to share most common mistakes you may be making and how to avoid them in future.

Poor Sleep.
Do you know lack of sleep expands your waistline like no other thing? Poor sleep causes stress and Hormonal Imbalance making you feel hungry. Also if you are sleep-deprived your body will generate more insulin causing you to pack on more fats. Average human needs 8-9 hours of sound sleep every night. Try sleep hygiene, adopt habits that will help you sleep well.

Skipping breakfast
One of the worst things you can do to your mind and body is to skip a meal, especially breakfast. When you skip a meal your metabolism tends to slow down and you gain more fats instead of burning them. After a good healthy breakfast try eating a small number of nutritious foods throughout the day.

Too Much Coffee
Do you know a California judge ruled that coffee firms including Starbucks must add cancer warnings on their products? Despite this scary announcement we wouldn’t dare to ask you to skip coffee altogether. Coffee can affect insulin resistance and increase your body fat storage. Try reducing your coffee intake to two cups a day.

Watching TV while you eat
Watching TV While eating is a dangerous combination. You eat up to 10% more while not paying attention and afterward you can even forget what you ate! Try replacing your snakes with healthy and fulfilling foods, eat cut vegetables or frozen grapes as you will eat less in more time.

High-sugar impact foods and energy drinks
Do you know most of the energy drinks can cause cancer, liver damage, high blood pressure, diabetes and many other terrible diseases? We all know foods and beverages containing a high level of sugar can make you fat, but skipping them is also not so easy. There are many foods masquerading as healthy and nutrient but You will be surprised to know some fruit juices also contains more sugar than a soda can. Count your sugar intake during the day, and gradually reduce your daily sugar consumption.

You Eat Too Fast
Living in a busy world we don’t have enough time to sit down and have a proper meal. When you eat fast you consume 52% more calories as your stomach has no time to tell you that you are full. Eating fast and taking big bites slows down the metabolism process as it takes extra time to digest food. Take small bites and chewed longer, your body will thank you!

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