5G: Health Risks, Surveillance and BioWeaponry – Lena Pu (Sept 2019)

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“5G: Health Risks, Surveillance and BioWeaponry” is the presentation given by Lena P at the September 19 , 2019 meeting of the Silicon Valley Health Institute in Palo Alto, CA.

5G, also known as the 5th generation cellular communications technology, has unique properties that sets it apart from all the previous “G”enerations. The introduction of the extremely high frequency millimeter wave bandwidths within the microwave spectrum, the introduction of new delivery systems and propagation techniques such as beam forming technologies, phased arrays and others, without limit, and the introduction of a flood of new bills to fast track this new technology robbing people and their local cities and counties, even local tribes and historic preservation sites, the right to control their own communities and homes of any 5G/4G cell antenna placement by private corporations.

Because of this, never before in the history of wireless development has the introduction of a particular technology created such an outpouring of feverish resistance by people all over the world. They have reason. After all, who wants a cluster of close proximity, high voltage equipment, microwave-emitting cell antennas placed on a simple light pole right in front of their house every hundred(s) of feet?

About Lena Pu

Lean Pu is a mother of two teenage children, her past work involved restoring sensitive environmental habitat for the US Army Corps of Engineers. As project manager she worked with all the alphabet agencies for several years and took that experience and training as well as knowledge of environmental toxicology into her new line of work and passion – promoting the health of all life by preserving our natural electromagnetic earth through the use of safe technologies, WIRED tech. She is currently the Environmental Health Consultant for the ‘National Association for Children and Safe Technologies’ (NACST.org). She is spearheading her own website starting the new year called FabulousFrequencies.com.


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