5 Serious Conditions You Didn’t Know Come From an Unhealthy Gut

By Stewart Dunlop, Natural Blaze

Science is just starting to learn about the microbiome, but with the little we already know, we can tell it is one of the most fascinating systems in our bodies.

This intelligent bacterial ecosystem that lives in our gut contains more neurons than our spinal network and it is responsible for more than just food processing and elimination of waste. It holds tight to our emotions and connects to the brain in ways we can’t yet imagine!

It may also the cause of some of the most complex diseases known to man, and the ones listed below only scratch the surface.

Mental Illness

The walls of the long tube of our gut are lined with a complex neuronal network that is responsible for releasing about 30 neurotransmitters. Also known as the enteric nervous system, its main role is to cover the complex process of

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