5 Foods That Can Cause Body Odor and Make You Smell Like Rotting Eggs

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5 Foods that can Cause Body Odor and make you smell like rotting eggs

Yes, you are what you eat, but you also you odor of what you eat! Sure the smell of big juicy steak that you ate for the dinner last night still linger around your house but it has also changed your smell. You are not off the hook even after taking a shower. Food definitely alters the way we smell, while our bodies digest food, byproducts get discharge and creates B.O. on our skin. Hold on to discover 5 smelly body odor culprits.

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Red meat
I know this will put a smile on all vegans! People who eat red meat often have repugnant body odor. Red meat is harder to digest and leaves you with a certain odor. There are many health reasons to stop eating red meat, but if you cannot Ditch your Meat Cravings you could cut back on red meat and try eating white meat like chicken and fish.

Garlic stinks! You don’t have to be a nutritionist to know that it can make your breath smell bad. The lingering stink of garlic is caused by a sulfur-containing compound that is released when you cut the garlic. Your body can discharge pungent smell up to 40 to 48 hours after eating garlic. If you want to fix garlic breathe quickly then try drinking milk before or after eating garlic.

Milk, cheese and other dairy foods
High in protein dairy products are very hard to digest in your stomach, leaving a person gassy! A large majority of people are lactose intolerant in the world. If you are one of them than try using plant-based alternatives like almond milk, soy milk, yogurt, and cheese. These are easy to digest and will not alter with your body odor.

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