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4 Easy Breakfast Ideas For Diabetics

DIABETES type 2 risks could be reduced by making changes to your diet plan, and you could prevent high blood sugar symptoms by following this diabetes breakfast regime every morning.
Diabetes is slowly emerging to be one of the most common disorders across the world. Diabetes is a condition marked by elevated blood sugar levels in the body. It is classified in many types, type 1, type 2, gestational and prediabetes. In absence or proper care and treatment diabetes could also lead to obesity and cardiovascular diseases

Your diet plays a crucial role in diabetes management. If you are diabetic, you must refrain from food laden in refined sugars and trans-fats and consume a balanced diet filled with healthy and fibrous veggies. To eat healthy, you need to start right. Experts say that the first meal of the day plays a very crucial role in determining your energy levels which is steered by the glucose production in the body.

Here are some breakfast ideas and recipes that diabetics could try at home:

Baked eggs
Packed with protein eggs are loaded with nutrition and can be safely included in a diabetic patient’s diet plan
Try this delicious recipe and give your mornings a delicious start. Onions, cherry tomatoes and spinach topped with whisked eggs and baked perfect.

Pulses are high in protein and fiber and help in controlling blood sugar levels. Toss your sprouts with chopped cucumber and tomatoes, sprinkle some salt and add 1tsp lemon juice and there you have it. A healthy and wholesome breakfast

Fenugreek Roti:
Rotis stuffed with high fibre fenugreek makes for an excellent high GI breakfast option that you must include in your diet. Make sure you cook it on a non-stick griddle with good quality vegetable oil. Team them with gut friendly and cooling curd.

Besan or Moong dal chilla
Moong Dal and Besan chila are high protein snacks that you can consider for breakfast. Protein takes the longest to digest therefore regulating your blood sugar levels effectively.

Your diabetes diet needs to give you a healthy supply of energy to jumpstart your body in the morning. To make sure you get just the adequate supply of energy that it is essential to have a good breakfast.

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