18 Unlikely and Unassuming Love Quotes

By Heather CallaghanEditor

Valentine’s Day has nearly passed us by over here at Natural Blaze! But with love on the mind, we wanted to offer something a little different than the modern (and even fabricated) notion of romantic love.

If you’ve been able to ponder the subject of true love on a deeper level, then we’d like to ask you to be our Valentine this year. We too are tired with trite statements on love (à la Nicholas Sparks) or those that a marketing exec probably pulled out of his shoe. No thanks! In the words of Haddaway (or the Night at the Roxbury guys) – What is love?

We may never really know, but it probably has nothing to do with staring googly-eyed at a sparkling vampire or muttering “you complete me” when you want back into a roller coaster relationship. It is not slipping into a Meg Ryan movie

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