$175B Unfunded Bribe For Big Insurance To Hide Obamacare’s Lies

Remember how I’ve been telling you the gov’t is the largest briber of all – far out-bribing any campaign donors?

I can’t wait to see the liberals ENRAGED about a $175 BILLION **UNAPPROPRIATED** SPENDING BRIBE to big insurance – to go along with the fraud called Obamacare. Remember, campaign donations in the last election were under $2.4 Billion. This unappropriated bribe is 72X larger than all the 2012 campaign donations.

“Specifically, $175 billion paid to insurance companies that was not appropriated by Congress. Indeed, the administration requested that appropriation but the requested appropriation was not made.”


Government is the largest briber on the planet, giving away $2 trillion of unbacked credit their friends every year, almost 1000X larger than campaign contributions, thus 1000X more damaging.

The gov’t has bought the people far more than the big donors have bought the politicians.  1000X more.


4 Grand Lies of Obamacare

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