Will Inclusion of Hydroponics Be the Death Knell of Organic Standards?

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By Dr. Mercola

Before we discuss the recent tragic news about the organic certification standards, it is important to understand that most hydroponically grown food is vastly inferior to food grown in a healthy soil, where the fungi and microbes can optimize the plant in a way that is simply impossible to do in a hydroponic environment.

You see, the basis of organic food production starts with improving the soil. This has been understood for over a century, when you improve the soil you improve your health and protect the environment from the damages of factory farming.

A couple of months ago I discussed the fight to prevent hydroponically grown produce from being included in organic standards. According to section 7 CFR 205.2051,2 of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) organic regulations, an organic grower’s crop rotation plan must maintain or improve soil organic matter. Since hydroponics does not involve

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