Vital Stem: Affordable Stem Cell Treatments for Everyone? Anti-Aging Breakthrough?

Is Vital Stem a Miracle Anti-Aging Remedy? Evidence is lacking.

Stem cell treatments are very promising. Bone marrow transplants are already widely used, and researchers are investigating stem cell treatments for a variety of conditions; but as yet there are few proven practical applications. I recently wrote about one stem cell treatment for age-related macular degeneration that stabilized the disease in a single patient and another that went awry and left three women blind (and see also David Weinberg’s discussion).

Enter Dr. Rand McClain. Forget about expensive surgeries and injections. Forget about finding and enrolling in clinical trials. He says you can boost your body’s own stem cell levels by taking his dietary supplement Vital Stem. He says it will improve cognitive function, enhance joint and muscle strength, increase longevity, and reverse the pesky changes of normal aging. He has testimonials. In a slick marketing video, he explains

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