Uber & Lyft for Seniors

Ride-sharing technology provided by companies like Uber and Lyft have the potential to lead to vast improvements in the lives of seniors with no means of transportation. However, ride-sharing to date has focused on the Millennial market, leaving seniors who don’t have access to smart phones, or who aren’t tech savvy out of the equation completely.Only recently, as competition between Uber and Lyft has intensified, has the ride-sharing market shifted its attention to providing work-around options for seniors who don’t have smart phones or who can’t use apps.Lyft and GreatCallOne of the solutions that both Uber and Lyft have adopted is to develop partnerships with third party companies who want to bring ride-sharing to their senior customers.“As we looked at the challenges older consumers have with staying in their home longer, one of the main issues is transportation,” David Inns, chief executive of GreatCall told Tracey Lien of the Los Angeles Times.

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