TripAdvisor to ID hotels where sex assault occurred

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(GLAMOUR) — Amid a continuing deluge of reports detailing just how pervasive sexual harassment and assault are throughout U.s. culture, TripAdvisor is taking steps to protect its customers. Now, as users peruse hotel and resort options while they’re planning their next vacation, they’ll see an advisory banner next to any place that’s been a location of sexual assault.

The icons were introduced this week and are meant to identify a series of concerns ranging from health to safety to discrimination. The badges will be issued any time the company perceives a current issue as relayed by either users or the news media and they’ll remain on the site for up to three months. If the issue persists, the badge could remain on hotel or resort for an extended period of time.

“We’d been exploring the feasibility of a new badge notification system for a number of months,” a

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