Transgender ‘girl’ track star with mustache crushes female competitors

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Transgender sprinter Andraya Yearwood (Photo: YouTube)

A 15-year-old young man who was born male and has the surging testosterone levels of a man – but still claims to identify as a woman – is crushing his female competitors in high-school track and field.

Cromwell High School freshman Andraya Yearwood obliterated his competition in the girls’ 100-meter dash with a time of 12.66 seconds and the 200-meter dash in 26.08 seconds at Connecticut’s Class M. track meet on May 30.

But there’s one major problem: The powerful sprinter, Connecticut’s “girls champion” with a slight mustache, enjoyed the full benefits of high-level testosterone pumping through his body when he declared victory against his female peers.

Yearwood never underwent hormonal treatment or sex-reassignment surgery before he began racing girls. In other words, he’s enjoying his significant competitive advantage of being on a girls team as a young man with the highest testosterone

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