This day in WND history: America succumbs to viral mystery maddness

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America succumbs to viral mystery madness

Oct. 12, 2015: We hear about them almost daily.

“Mentally ill” loners who slaughter a classroom of students before shooting themselves; young Americans, male and female, who travel overseas to join ISIS and become barbarians and sex slaves; people who amputate healthy body parts in a desperate attempt to become the opposite sex, or who purposely put drain cleaner in their eyes to blind themselves or cut off their own hand, all to “feel more comfortable” with themselves; entertainment idols who revel in wild sexuality and mock God; and of course, the outrages of America’s then-“transformative” president, Barack Obama, who supported America’s enemies, betrayed her friends, and led a lawless government that daily trampled the Constitution, encouraged massive invasion of the American homeland and prosecuted Christians as criminals.

Yes, such sensational and bizarre stories increasingly dominate the news cycle.

But these represent only the barest tip of an iceberg,

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