The Pathological Optimist: More hagiography than documentary about Andrew Wakefield

Quacks have discovered that a couple of the most effective tools out there to influence opinion are videos and documentaries. Videos, of course, can be made on the cheap and posted to YouTube, then later sold, either online or in DVD form. An excellent example of one such quack video series is Ty Bollinger’s The Truth About Cancer. Of course, videos like this do not have the cachet of actual documentaries, and there has been a cornucopia of these too promoting quackery. I’ve written about several of them, such as The Beautiful Truth (promoting Gerson cancer quackery), Burzynski The Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business and its sequel Burzynski: Cancer Is A Serious Business, Part 2 (both promoting Stanislaw Burzynski’s antineoplaston cancer quackery), The Greater Good (promoting antivaccine quackery), Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (overblown claims for vegan diets), and, of course, VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe (more

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