The Dark, Pagan Secret At The Heart Of The Vatican

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The sinister dates back to the beginning of the Catholic Church, and it looks as if the catholic faith was heavily inspired by the church in the early days. 

Their has been numerous reports that the cult was working since the 1st century BC within Rome.

The priests would recognize themselves as “pontiffs,”.’ And they referred to their temples as the ‘Vatican temple.’

Ancient Romans had banned the cult from the city many times until the fall of the Roman Empire.

The cult managed to make a comeback in returning to the city. It has been said that they took the community role of being leaders right after the Romulus Augustulu’s reign, and worship of demons as late as the year 1057.

The Vatican cult’s position in the Catholic Church helped to pave way to some dark chapters in the history of the Catholic faith.

In 1483, cultist, Tomás de Torquemada was named

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