The cruel sham of “right-to-try” takes a giant step towards becoming federal law

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Science Based Medicine

The moment I have feared ever since Republicans took control of all three branches of Congress last fall has come one step closer to reality. Actually, it’s merely one of many. occurrences that I have feared, given that Donald Trump has been our President for over six months. Although you won’t find much in the news about it, yesterday the Senate easily passed a federal version of so-called “right-to-try.” Senator Ron Johnson, who threatened to hold up Senate business unless a right-to-try rider was approved for the bill funding the FDA for the next seven years, was ecstatic:

I’m proud the Senate stood up for terminally ill patients who just want to reclaim their freedom – who want the right to hope. #RightToTry

— Senator Ron Johnson (@SenRonJohnson) August 3, 2017

As was Christina Sandefur of the Goldwater Institute, the libertarian think tank that concocted the idea

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