The Best Essential Oils For Hyper And Moody Kids

Image source: Pexels

Anyone who has children knows that kids are an absolute blessing. However, some kids suffer from hyperactivity and mood swings – conditions that can turn a happy home into a daily grind. If you take your child to the doctor to ask for advice, they may prescribe them mainstream medications to “calm them down.”

There is a better way, though – essential oils.

Essential Oils for Babies and Toddlers

Never use essential oils on babies younger than three months of age. There are only four essential oils that are deemed to be safe for babies and toddlers:

Lavender essential oil ─ a sleep aid; anti-anxiety; calming; soothes rashes Roman chamomile essential oil ─ soothes the nerves; good for soothing rashes Neroli essential oil ─ a sleep aid; calms Rose otto essential oil ─ calming; moisturizing

After an infant has reached the three-month point, it is

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