The Antithesis of Science-Based Medicine:  The Medical Medium’s Fantasy-Based Health Advice

Anthony William calls himself the Medical Medium. He claims to have helped tens of thousands of patients heal from ailments that have been misdiagnosed or ineffectively treated. He says he can see into the body like a supercharged MRI scan to diagnose “all blockages, infections, trouble areas, past problems, and even soul fractures.” He hears voices: the Spirit of the Most High (second only to God) talks to him and gives him information that is decades ahead of current scientific knowledge. William disregards science, because science sometimes contradicts itself and is confusing. The information he gets from Spirit is not confusing; it is the truth and the voice of compassion. He has written several best-selling books to share the information that Spirit has given him. And he asks us to believe all this simply because he says so. He has never been tested.

This is all clearly outside the

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