The Amazing European Medicinal Herb You Can Plant This Month In The U.S.

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During the fall ,most of us are busy harvesting the last of our summer herbs. But we also should be planting fall herbs.

One of the best fall herbs is angelica, which grows wild all over Europe. Angelica has many medicinal and culinary uses. The angelica used for herbal medicines is Angelica archangelica.

Growing & Harvesting

Angelica can be grown from zones 4-9. This herb is a biennial plant that can last for several years if the flowering stems are not allowed to grow. In many locations, angelica will naturally take 3-4 years to flower.

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The best time to plant Angelica is during the fall. In northern areas, you can start planting as early as the end of August. If you live in the South or other areas that are not prone to

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