Sporebiotics: The Best Probiotics to Fight Chronic Illness and Boost Immune Tolerance

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By Anna Hunt

Spore-based probiotics may be some of the best probiotics available, according Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Ph.D. and founder of the Sophia Health Institute. This lesser-known supplement, called sporebiotics for short, supports a healthy gut and immune system function, and can help the body fight off environmental stressors that cause chronic health issues.

Sporebiotics are a group of gut microbes. They join 2,500+ other species of bacteria in the gut that work symbiotically with the human body and aid in healthy human function. What makes sporebiotics unique is their ability to benefit the immune system better than other probiotics.

Because of the sporebiotics’ unique abilities, scientists believe they may benefit people with health problems such as autism, neurological disorders, and immune-related diseases. In addition, spore-based probiotics may help fortify the body against environmental aggressors such as electromagnetic fields (EMFs), pesticides, and airborne pollutants.

Antibiotic-resistant Spore-based Probiotics

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