Snake Bites in Austere Settings

rattlesnake (image by wiki)

Off the grid, you will find yourself outdoors a lot, with activities like gathering wood for fuel, foraging, and hunting required to keep body and soul together. In warm weather, you just might find yourself face-to-face (or maybe face-to-ankle) with a snake.

Most snakes aren’t poisonous, but a few are, including some species common in North America. The term “poisonous snake” is probably incorrect, as venoms and poisons are not the same thing. Poisons are absorbed in the gut or through the skin, but venom must be injected into tissues or blood via fangs or a stinger. Interestingly, it’s usually not dangerous to drink snake venom unless you have a cut or sore in your mouth. Having said that, please don’t test this out at home.

Venomous snake bites have a distinct appearance due to the hollow fangs at the front of the mouth. This

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