Scientists: It Is Possible To ‘Hack’ Your Own Brain And Get High Without Drugs

The following excerpt is from an article that originally appeared on Natural Blaze

By Mac Slavo

Scientists have now revealed that there is a way to hack the human brain in order to experience the feeling of “being high” without the use of drugs. The brain is a super complex organ, butwith a few tricks, an incredible feeling of euphoria can be experienced using only the power of the mind.

This experience we all participate in known as “reality” is actually just a trick that our brains play on us by carefully filtering the sensory information that the world presents to us in order to generate a workable perspective on things. So scientists have summarized that the parameters of our consciousness can, therefore, be modified by destabilizing these finely tuned filters, andone way to do this is by altering their electrical signals, or brainwaves to give one the feeling of “being high” on drugs.

Depending on what you want to feel, you’ll need to

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