Science-Based Satire: Alternative Medical Adverse Events on the Rise

Isn’t it ridiculous that proponents of so-called alternative medicine rarely ever own up to the risks. Nothing in medicine is risk free. Nothing! But believers in pseudomedicine from acupuncture to Z Wave technology want to have their alkaline electric zucchini cake and eat it too.

Last time I wrote about a bogus energy healer who has scored a spot on the TLC schedule and some false legitimacy thanks to gullible academics at NYU. During a discussion on Twitter, I asked Goldsmith if there were any risks to manipulating a patient’s energy. Could he, I wondered, choose to unbalance their energy and cause symptoms. He didn’t respond, but it got me thinking.

What if energy healers, Reiki practitioners, and therapeutic touchers could use their powers for evil? What if they simply were having a bad day and gave someone gout? What if a novice trainee got in over his head? It’s

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