Save the Whales, I Mean, Bees

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typical honey bee

You may or may not be an environmentalist, but a part of nature that everyone should support is the humble bee. It’s thought that every third bite of food that you take is there because of pollination by bees. Honey, when raw and unprocessed, may even be used as a wound covering for burns and other injuries due to its antibiotic effect. Honey has a lot of other benefits, as well.

But bees are in big trouble, and we still don’t know all the reasons why. In the last decade, bee colonies are experiencing die-offs that affect a significant percentage of all the colonies in various areas. From April 2015-April 2016, our beekeepers lost 44% of their colonies.

Why is this happening? A new  reason is becoming apparent, but first a sad tale: Some time ago, customers at an Oregon Target store arrived to see tens

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