Saccharin Was Labeled A Carcinogen In A Bogus 1960s Scam

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The history about saccharin is in my book, Splenda: Is It Safe Or Not?

In the 1960s, the sweetener industry changed, but not for the better.

The only artificial sweetener at that time, saccharin, was sacrificed to make room for a new, more profitable sweetener, NutraSweet/Equal® made from aspartame.

Saccharin in Coca Cola®

Sweet Poison has the original documents exposing the truth about saccharin and aspartame.

In 1902, Monsanto Chemical Company launched its reputation by manufacturing saccharin, the company’s very first product. From 1903 through 1905, their entire saccharin output was shipped to the exploding, new soft drink company in Georgia, The Coca-Cola Company®.

According to Monsanto’s company history, the U.S. government filed suit in 1917 over the safety of saccharin at Monsanto’s request. Monsanto used the suit as a test case for saccharin’s safety, and the suit was dismissed in 1925.

Early on, this gave saccharin

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