Overtreating the thyroid

Millions take thyroid medication every day. Is it really necessary?

Levothyroxine was one of the first drugs I dispensed as a pharmacist where a patient became visibly upset with me after receiving (what she thought) was a generic version of the drug. The store I was working in had recently changed their labelling to show the generic name, instead of the brand name, on each vial. The drug being dispensed didn’t change – just the label. One patient, who had been taking Synthroid (a brand of levothyroxine) for years, was livid with me for suddenly giving her “levothyroxine”. I tried to explain that the drug was the same one that she’d been receiving, that levothyroxine was the generic name for Synthroid, and that I hadn’t actually switched anything. She wouldn’t accept my explanation, stating that her symptoms had worsened since “you switched the drug”. It was an early lesson

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