Organic Food From China Not Organic At All, Here’s Why

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Is the organic bubble about to pop?

When you find a good deal on organic foods, it may just be too good to be true if it comes from China or Turkey. While Turkey is suspected to deliberately falsify its “organic” soybeans flooding the U.S., China has a different problem. There is a concerted effort for many Chinese growers to produce organic food but unfortunately it might not be possible.

China Scrambles to Feed Their Own

Economic growth has stoked appetites in China and has stirred a taste for Western cuisine. As a result China has gone on public health campaigns warning the public to cut back on meat in order to keep up with demands for dwindling supplies. China tries to grasp arable land in other countries like the U.S., Russia, South America, Africa and more to feed their population. As little as 20% of their arable land is usable

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