Open Marijuana Bars At Weddings Are The Latest Trend In The U.S.

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In states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, businesses are introducing weed into nuptials, receptions and even party favors. Some couples are even opting for weed bars.

Now that marijuana — an herb that has killed 0 people in history and contains components proven to remedy cancer — is losing its stigma, weed weddings are popping up at a furious pace in states where it is legal to toke recreationally. Businesses that are capitalizing on the opportunity have found a way to introduce weed into nuptials, receptions and even party favors. In fact, specialists have launched entire businesses to meet the demand.

In Colorado, for instance, Bec Koop of Irie Wedding & Events founded the Cannabis Wedding Expo where brides and grooms can meet marijuana vendors and plan for their big days. Koop herself offers a variety of wedding services, not limited to day-of coordination, overall planning, floral arrangements and even cannabis

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