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Trauma is a common cause of nosebleeds

A common, often minor, problem that causes significant anxiety for both the patient and the caregiver is the nosebleed, also known as “epistaxis”. More than 50% of the population will experience a nose bleed during their life, although only about 10% will require medical aid to stop it. Most significant bleeds will occur either at a very young age (2-10 years) or much later (50-80 years of age).


Nasal Anatomy (common area of nosebleed origin circled)

The lining of the nose is supplied richly with blood vessels. When this lining is eroded, bare veins and arteries have a tendency to “leak” in a constant ooze.

About 90% of the time, the hemorrhage is coming from the front of the nose (“anterior”), near the cartilage-bearing septum. This location, known as “Little’s Area” or “Kiesselbach’s Plexus”

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