No, two (now retracted) studies purporting to show that vaccinated children are sicker than unvaccinated children show nothing of the sort

[Ed. Note: Jann Bellamy will not be posting this week, as she has a personal family matter to deal with. She should return in two weeks. Fortunately I could fill in ant tell a story that should also be told on SBM.]

There is a kind of study that often draws my attention because they just keep showing up again and again and again. I call them, appropriately enough, zombie studies. Depending on my mood when I write posts like this, I not infrequently add imagery featuring zombies (or, if you’re into The Walking Dead, walkers). Other times, I’ll include imagery featuring slasher movie faves Jason Vorhees or Michael Myers, two supernatural killers who would routinely mow through misbehaving teens for a whole movie and then die (or appear to die) at the end, only to come back in the next installment in the series to mow down a new

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