New trend: Having babies after your dead

WASHINGTON – A Chinese couple, Shen Jie and Liu Xi had been trying to get pregnant five years ago via in-vitro fertilization.

But, five days before their fertilized egg was meant to be implanted, they died in a car crash.

The couple left behind four frozen embryos and their own parents, on both sides of the family would go on to spend the next three years in Chinese courts arguing that they have rights to the embryos. Eventually, they won the battle, but, because surrogacy in China is illegal, they transported an embryo to Laos and found a surrogate there.

The baby was named Titian and is now nearly 4 months old.

It’s an unusual case, but it’s becoming a trend, with legislation pending in Ireland to legalize the procedure under certain circumstances, and Israel already has a law on the books permitting the process when at least one

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