Naturopathy and dubious compounding pharmacies: A deadly combination

Tasty in spicy food, not so tasty when injected intravenously.

Finally, a mystery has been solved.

Nearly five months ago, a 30 year old woman named Jade Erick suffered a cardiac arrest, most likely due to anaphylactic shock, during the infusion of intravenous curcumin ordered by a California naturopath named Kim Kelly, ND (for Not-a-Doctor). Because Erick’s death was so sudden and dramatic, the story briefly made national news. I viewed the tragic incident as yet another example of why “licensed” naturopaths, such as those in California or other states that have made the mistake of passing laws allowing the licensing of naturopaths, are no less likely to mess up your health or even kill you than “unlicensed” naturopaths, such as the naturopath in Bowling Green who was shot by the husband of one of his patients. The reason for the shooting? That naturopath had told the man’s

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