Naturopathic Experiences: Remembrance of things past.

Between Scylla and Charbydis

What is past is prologue

As I move into senescence it becomes easier to look back than to look forward. The future offers decline, death and, to judge from what many others have told me, an eternity of damnation. Well, at least I will be with friends and family. The past, which becomes more appealing and wonderful with time, offers refuge from the storm. In my memory I am always so much better than I am now, so why not spent time in the past.

My First Time

The first two years of medical school I commuted on public transportation. It was time to review notes with no distraction, always the case on the way home. Despite a change of clothes, no one would sit next to me after gross anatomy lab, reeking of preserved cadaver. Preserved cadavers have a penetrating fragrance that saturates the skin

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