Massive Egg Recall: Are Your Store-bought Eggs on This List?

By Daisy Luther

Is the carton of eggs in your refrigerator part of the biggest egg recall since 2010?  Rose Acre Farms has voluntarily recalled 206,749,248 eggs after 22 people became ill with salmonella after consuming their products. The eggs were delivered to grocery stores and restaurants (including Waffle House) in these states:

Colorado Florida New Jersey New York North Carolina Pennsylvania South Carolina Virginia West Virginia

Eggs laid by hens at the Hyde County, North Carolina facility have all been recalled due to the possibility of contamination with Salmonella Braenderup. The FDA is currently investigating by inspecting the facility and interviewing those who have become ill.

The Mayo Clinic notes. “While an egg’s shell may seem to be a perfect barrier to contamination, some infected chickens produce eggs that contain salmonella before the shell is even formed.

The horrific conditions at some factory farms can contribute to

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