LGBTQs target top psychiatrist for debunking gender myths

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Dr. Paul McHugh

The Human Rights Campaign, one of the leading U.S. pro-homosexual/transgender organizations, is tired of getting debunked by a world-renowned psychiatrist and medical doctor and has decided to fight back with an online campaign to paint their opponent as a peddler of “junk science.”

HRC has launched an online attack called “McHugh Exposed” at its website.

“For years, Paul McHugh has used his platform as a psychiatrist affiliated with Johns Hopkins University to peddle myths about transgender people – not just in his writings, but in courtrooms and state legislatures across the country,” HRC complains. “While he has no expertise in gender or sexuality, McHugh has publicly called transgender people ‘caricatures’ and described them as ‘confused’ and ‘mad.’

“McHugh’s effort to give a veneer of academic integrity to transphobic junk science is part of a broader disturbing trend: the use of misleading, badly designed or completely

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