Legislative Alchemy 2017: Naturopaths push licensing and practice expansion while in damage control over IV turmeric death

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Legislative Alchemy

Via the magic of Legislative Alchemy, U.S. naturopaths are again seeking legitimization of their quack practices via licensing and practice expansion bills filed in the state legislatures, over half of which are now in session. Naturopaths are looking for licensing or expansion in at least 16 states this year, with over two dozen bills filed. (This doesn’t even include bills mandating insurance coverage of naturopathic services.) In Oregon alone, where the legislature has already declared, ipso facto, that naturopaths are primary care physicians, six pro-naturopath bills have been filed. Today, we’ll take a closer look at pending bills, with an emphasis on practice expansion.

The recent death of 30-year-old patient Jade Erick at the hands of a licensed California naturopath and Bastyr grad is already having an impact on legislative deliberations. (And this on the heels of the highly publicized death of a Canadian toddler from

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