It Removes Splinters. It Heals Wounds. It Makes A Great Salad. And Chickens Like It, Too.

Chances are you have chickweed growing in your backyard. But did you know this herb has multiple medicinal purposes?

It grows between four and 12 inches long and produces small, yellow and green leaves. Small white flowers also develop on the plant.

One of the most common uses is on the skin. If you have a minor burn, you can help heal it with a chickweed salve. Chickweed also is a great addition to homemade lotions.

You even can use the juice from the plant to draw out splinters! If you spend any time working in the garden or around wood, you need chickweed.

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Those are just two of the medicinal properties of chickweed. Here are a few more:

It soothes itchy and sore skin conditions. It acts as a diuretic for those who suffer from congestive heart

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