Is your privacy at risk? This site puts you back in control

As told to Elise T. — Sponsored by TruthFinder

Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to keep yourself off the grid. Your personal information is floating around out there, whether you like it or not. It’s crucial to see what parts of your life are public and still private.

Fortunately, this website called TruthFinder can help you take control of your data.

Access to public information is a right

One of the founding principles of our country is that we have a right to access information. Whether it’s to know what documents the government has stored or to find out who bought the for-sale home across the street, we are entitled to have answers.

The same rules apply for your personal information.

Knowing what parts of yourself are open to the public can help you stay safe and informed, but, more importantly, you can rest assured

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