Inoculating – Against Misinformation

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This is perhaps the most “meta” post I have written for SBM. One core approach of scientific skepticism, of which SBM is part, is to use metacognition – thinking about thinking – to explore information and our understanding of that information. Sometimes, however, we need to think about how we think about thinking.

Specifically, one of our goals is to directly counter misinformation about science and medicine, misinformation that is often the product of marketing campaigns funded by multi-billion dollar industries. We definitely perceive this as a David and Goliath situation, and probably spend too much time debating about whether or not we are having a significant effect. Regardless, we are concerned with being as effective and efficient in our countering of misinformation as possible.

Fortunately, there is science to guide our promotion of science. How does misinformation change attitudes and how well do various strategies to counter misinformation work?

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