Dry Brushing – Natural and Effective Way to Get Rid of Cellulite and Relive Stress

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By Health Tips Now

Want to have smooth, drool worthy, silky skin? Can’t get rid of cellulite? Have you ever tried dry brushing? This ancient technique, that only takes five minutes, is considered helpful for detoxification and supporting lymph flow, as well as balancing hormones and immune function.

Dry brushing is also known as an Ayurvedic practice called gharsana. It is commonly combined with drying and stimulating powdered herbs like trikatu (a blend of black pepper, long pepper, and ginger), triphala ( a blend of haritaki, bibhitaki, and amla fruits), or ginger to assist in unclogging pores, improving circulation and excreting toxins that get trapped beneath the skin.

Benefits of Dry Brushing

Our skin is our largest organ. We both detox and absorb through our skin. The job of our lymphatic system is to filter our blood and dispose of toxic and acidic waste. Without it, our tissue, organs,

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