Down this road before? Psych science explains déjà vu

Have you seen this report before?

Déjà vu has been successfully explained and replicated in the laboratory.

Researchers write in a new study published in Psychological Science that the eerie feeling that has been explained by some as evidence of past lives is actually a normal phenomenon triggered by the human brain’s memory center when it recognizes patterns that are similar.

Does this sound familiar?

Cognitive psychologists from Colorado State University used a simulation game, The Sims, to bring on déjà vu under lab conditions. It can be triggered easily through recreating the spatial arrangement of objects in a controlled environment.

In the lab, researchers created virtual reality scenarios within the game and instructed study participants to move through a scene via a series of confusing turns. To induce déjà vu in the next trial, they asked participants to move through different scenes that were spatially mapped in the

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