Does chemotherapy cause cancer to spread?

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Over the last week or two, you might have noticed a disturbance in the alternative medicine force. Unlike disturbances in the Force in Star Wars movies (which usually result from horrors like the obliteration of millions of lives on Alderaan), this was a joyous disturbance in the mystical nonexistent energy fields in which promoters of alternative medicine cancer cures and haters of chemotherapy and “conventional” cancer treatment (the two almost always go together) thought that a major study in a reputable journal had put yet another “final nail in the coffin” of chemotherapy. Or at least they could spin the study as an indication that chemotherapy is nothing more than a expensive toxic brew foisted on an unsuspecting public by the nefarious shadowy forces of big pharma in order to extract maximal resources from third party payers, which, to them, is almost as good. Of course, they do this with

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